Month: June 2017

Children will learn songs much more quickly and have more fun if gestures and motions are added, that go along with the words of the song. Begin each lesson with some simple stretches and posture exercises. Not only is this important to teach the child to sing with good posture, but it actually teaches them how to sing properly participate in a voice lesson by giving them simple, achievable tasks to succeed. Children are very enthusiastic and love to do physical activities.


Children do not have long attention spans. Keep activities fun and short, with good transitions to the next one to keep them interested. They are fun, happy creatures and they are attracted to people and activities that are also fun and happy. An over-abundance of enthusiasm is very effective.


Help children use a micro phone, record their voice and let them hear themselves out to make them understand how they are heard.


If the child makes a mistake, no matter how bad, don’t stop recording, encourage the child to go all the way to the end of the song. There is time enough later to make necessary corrections. For now, practice is what’s most important.


Make the child sing for at least a half an hour a day. More is better, as long as the child is not straining his/ her voice, the more he/she exercises his/her vocal cords, the better and stronger the voice will be.


Find the different ways the child’s voice makes sound, from the diaphragm, in the throat, in the nose: learn to isolate each type of sound you make. The more you know about how make sounds, the more you’ll be able to control those sounds.

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Newspaper ads, local billboards and other print media is becoming increasingly expensive, and in effect, increasingly difficult to justify. If, for example, you want to make use of print media’s authority and get an ad on the Washington Post, then you can buy two ads per week, for four weeks on a monthly frequency at $563 a day – up from $551 in 2014 (provided that you have an annual account with them as an advertiser).

Not many businesses have the budget to buy billboard ad space, or get a square on an established newspaper like the WP or the Economist – but Internet marketing, well, that’s another thing. SMEs are spending a little bit more money on influencer marketing company than they used to, as BrightLocal shows: 37 percentage are planning to spend more versus last year’s 21 percentage, but are they spending it in the right way?

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Influence Is Key

Proving that your restaurant is the best in town isn’t just a matter of ambience and menu changes. What you say online is very, very important. After all, as Statista points out, aside from personal recommendations, the single thing consumers trust more than anything else is the opinion of another consumer. Or better, they trust the opinions of several consumers combined. Blogger influence is a great way to reach consumers in a trusted format. Food bloggers are abundant in modern metropolises, and doing something as simple as contacting a food blogger and inviting them to a free meal at your restaurant can massively improve your reputation and appearance online. Social Media Examiner notes that blogs are more influential in someone’s buying decision than social networks like Facebook, or online magazines.

Content Is Great, But Using It Is Crucial

As we now know, the influence of online customer reviews, social media and small bloggers has outranked traditional online news media, and the opinions of bloggers have been outranked only by strongly branded websites and personal recommendations. Blogger influence is real.

Statistics are one thing, but reality is another. How exactly have blogging campaigns held up as advertising mediums? Let’s have a look at a real example: Wendy’s.

Because people can be fickle, relationships with influencers need to be maintained in order to remain healthy and mutually beneficial. As a brand, you need to ensure that influencers who you partner with feel like they are benefitting as well. If they feel at any time that a brand may be cheating them out of something they deserve, they have a wide audience of your target market to rant all about it to.

Sometimes marketers confuse influencer marketing with manipulation, bribing or worse. Influence is something you deserve by being relevant for others. The support of an influencer needs to be deserved by marketers as well. Indeed, by being relevant.

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Wendy’s is a popular American fast food restaurant chain, in business for over fifty years. Capitalizing on the fact that they’ve been a part of many an American childhood, they used blogger outreach to contact mom bloggers, family blogs and other bloggers in the appropriate age group, and asked them to write about their newest product – the classic Frosty, now in a cone. They asked writers to focus on how they felt about the Frosty evoking another important part of influence marketing: emotion.

More data was available for a different blogger campaign, Food Lion, wherein Baltimore bloggers were challenged to a cook-off utilizing only Food Lion-branded ingredients. The dinner would have to be healthy, and enough for four people. Instead of sending the bloggers a product to review or a sample, they took the action to them by turning it into an event. According to the agency Food Lion used to contact the bloggers, “while these bloggers may have entered as influencers; they left as advocates for Food Lion and its brands. This was a very interactive and engaging experience for the bloggers and they became intimate with Food Lion and its family of Private Brands.”

What Can Be Gleaned From These Campaigns?

What made these two campaigns so successful? What did they focus on, and what were their similarities? Firstly, they knew their audience. This is important for any influence campaign, because in effect you want to be targeting the right people. If you’re blanketing your efforts over too wide a network, you won’t reach the interest you need. Even sticking to local bloggers or influencers is a great way to promote your brand, since blogger influence has often been noted as being stronger within smaller communities. According to stats by Technorati posted on, 54 percent of consumers agree that the smaller the community, the greater the influence.

Second, they had a personal hook. Some businesses make the mistake of trying to bribe a blogger, or offer something akin to an affiliate marketing scheme. That’s not what being a blogger is about – blogger influence is based on an audience that expects genuine quality. They want valuable content, whether for information or entertainment, just like you would like to be able to enjoy a movie or read an article without having advertisements and blatantly obvious product placement built in. As PRWeek reported, while 71 percent of bloggers hear from up to 20 brands a week, 78 percent say only a fifth of the brand’s content makes it onto their blog; 20 percent say no brand content makes it onto their blog. The reason? Only 13 percent say that the brands they work with understand how to work with bloggers. Stay personal. Make your pitch towards influencers niche-specific.

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